Toxic Masculinity Research Paper

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Toxic Masculinity When thinking about your biggest fear what tends to come to mind? Statistically speaking, most people 's biggest fears are snakes, spiders, heights, even the dark. But, what if I told you that one of the men 's biggest fears aren 't what we think it is? The biggest fear most men are afraid of admitting that they have is the fear of showing emotion. Due to a very serious but not so talked about issue in this nation called toxic masculinity, most men aren 't comfortable with sharing their emotions, which creates an unstableness In behavior for the remainder of their lives. I hope to persuade you to read into the issues regarding toxic masculinity, and…show more content…
The main issue is, we are raising our young boys to be men right away. This prevents them from being able to show their feelings and makes them lash out in an aggressive manner. There is a problem with men in this country that nobody seems to try and fix. Men are being bullied, put in stressful situations in need of help but only being told to "man up" or told that their problems "aren 't that bad". According to an article titled Dangers of Masculinity by Shannon Beam (a writer for The Odyssey, a news station similar to CNN), 98% of all mass shooters from 1982-2016 were men. Do you think this relates to how they were raised? We give men this idea that they have to be the ‘perfect ' man. They have to provide for their family, love sports, and be strong. We don 't necessarily give them the option to be anything different. We push them to be independent, but all the bottling up of emotions can lead to hatred towards themselves, and hatred towards others. Throughout history, we tend to correlate toughness and aggression with men, but maybe it doesn 't always have to be like that? Maybe it doesn 't have to be a norm anymore to be aggressive. Another article titled Boy 's Emotional Needs by Sarah Glazer was published on June 18th, 1998. This article was published shortly after the tragedy most of us know to be the Columbine shootings. She related the issues we see in men nowadays to the issues the two men who shot their classmates were suffering with. Both of them had been bullied and didn 't seek help. As awful of a thing that was, we can 't only blame them for being bad people. We need to also blame society, for putting all this pressure on
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