Toxic Relationships In The Perfect Murder

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Letting go may hurt, but holding on is worse

Toxic relationships, unfortunate friendships, and ethnic differences are all examples of negative experiences. Situations like these happen every day but knowing how to take it and deal with it can really affect someone. For this reason, the most important thing about growing up is learning to let go of dismissive times, past or present.

Recovering from an incident can happen quickly, while for others it can take what seems like an eternity. For example in “The Perfect Murder” Doug, the main character, suddenly gets overwhelmed about his past. This takes place thirty-six years after the incident. His childhood friend Ralph used to physically and emotionally abuse him. All of Doug's built up emotion led to him packing a pistol, traveling to his hometown, and ending up on the porch of Ralph last name home. In the story Doug says this to himself “... you needed Ralph, but more! He needed you” (Bradbury 24)! After a few seconds of Doug
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Elena had fallen for Eugene, but they had completely different life styles due to race. Even though she feared rejection,she was elated when he invited her over to study one day. That morning president Kennedy had been assassinated. Elena was sad you could say,but she was more worried about going to Eugene's. When she arrived on his doorstep she was not aware of the shock that would take place. After she knocked his mother answered the door with the response, “Listen. Honey. Eugene doesn't want to study with you. He is a smart boy. Doesn't need help…” (Cofer 36). Elena went home dumbstruck. She laid awake crying, but not for the right reason. She was upset about Eugene not the president which left Elena confused and distraught. She knew she had to let Eugene go. His mother would not allow them to be friends because of her race, and even though it pained her she would now be able to grow and move

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