Toxic School Culture

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In public schools, social responsibility plays a huge role in culture and academic success. In numerous of schools there are lots of students that lack social responsibility. Lots of schools have a toxic school culture due to the lack of social responsibility as it plays a huge role in the school culture and success. Public schools need to focus on teaching students the appropriate way to behave and act and respect socially so that students can respect teachers and students. Students need to be able to respect teachers and students, to have a more positive school culture as well as having commitment by school leaders, enthusiasm by teachers and challenging work by volunteers. Hoffman Estates High School needs to improve their school culture…show more content…
Social responsibility plays huge role in school culture. Teachers have less faith in students that lack social responsibility. When teachers don 't believe in the student’s success, it affects the teacher ability to teach and it affects the relationship between the students and teacher. For example, a teacher wouldn 't try as hard to explain a topic in class believing that the students have no ability to succeed. Also, teachers don 't take the student’s education as serious because they believe that there is no point of wasting time to try to explain something thoroughly to a student. In the article, “Is Your School’s Culture Toxic or Positive”, Kent Peterson states that in a “toxic school environment…staff doesn 't believe in the ability of the students to succeed”(1). If most of the students were socially responsible, it would cause the schools to have a more positive culture which would then cause teachers to have more faith in the student’s success. But the problem is changing the school culture. In the article, “Why School Culture Matters, and How to Improve It”, Michael Haber explains that when they try to change a school culture, one of the problems they end up encountering is that they “first act without getting stake-holders’ buy-in first”(1). This is a major issue because having many members at school, including teachers, students, and family members, you can’t change a school culture without that buy-in otherwise that is like having a school leader’s that guides…show more content…
Students need to have social responsibility because it increases the commitment by school leaders, enthusiasm from teachers and challenging work by volunteers and outside consultants. Having social responsibility can make an enormous difference in the school’s culture. In the article, “A school for peace and Justice”, Elliot Seif explains that in a positive school culture students are more actively involved in resolving conflicts, show more tolerance to diversity, demonstrate greater understanding of social justice issue and more frequently participate in service activities. This shows that social responsibility can have a huge positive impact to students. According to Douglas Reeves, in the article, “The Learning Leader/The Extracurricular Advantage”, he states that “I learned that the school has recently achieved dramatic improvements in student achievements on almost every count”(1). This means that the school benefits from every student that has social responsibility. In Hoffman Estates High School, few students and teachers tolerate each other even though it’s very diverse. Hoffman Estates High School is a successful school but could improve on social responsibility so that students are more actively involved in resolving conflicts and to have more tolerance to diversity between students and staffs. These are some of the reasons why students need to have social responsibility as it plays a huge role in having a positive school culture and success. Social

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