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Toxic shock syndrome is an acute septicemia in women, it is caused by bacterial infection from a retained tampon or IUD. Toxic shock syndrome is rare, life-threatening complication of certain types of bacteria. Since some manufactures took certain types of tampons off the market TSS has declined. Toxic shock syndrome can happen to anyone like men, women, and children. But it is most common of women to get this disease. In the US, approximately one in 100,000 menstruating women contract the illness per year. Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome can vary for person to person. Most common symptoms include: a sudden fever, low blood pressure, headache, muscle aches, confusion, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rash, redness of the eyes, and seizures. To diagose…show more content…
This condition is deadly in up to 50 percent of cases. In some cases, toxic shock syndrome can affect major organs. Here are some complications the disease include: liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure, and shock. Certain precautions can reduce your risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. These precautions include: changing your tampon every four to eight hours, wearing a low-absorbency tampon, wearing a sanitary napkin on light-flow days, washing your hands frequently to remove any bacteria, and keeping cuts and surgical incisions clean. If you have anyk personal history of toxic shock syndrome do not wear tampons, this disease can recur. People may experience pain in the abdomen or muscles. In the whole body you may experience high fever, low blood pressure, chills, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, or lightheadedness. A person with toxic shock syndrome may have peeling or rashes on the skin. Organ dysfunction, fast breathing, headache, insufficient urine production, mental confusion, or sore throat is common to people with toxic shock syndrome. A high fever, low blood pressure, vomiting, and rash are some symptoms that require a medical

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