Toy Guns Persuasive Speech

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Section 1 Everyday around the world people become very violent with weapons, one of these weapons being guns. Many people wonder where this violence originates from. A good amount of people believe it has to do with playing with toy guns while growing up and believe the violence sticks with them throughout life. However, the majority of statistics show that the toy guns itself doesn’t influence the violence but the parents do. For example my neighbor’s daughter had become violent the older she got. The parents blamed it all on the weapon like toys she played with while growing up. When the school and psychiatrists got involved, however, they found out they could be the problem. I believe that kids should be able to play with toy guns as a…show more content…
One way is on an emotional level. As you read comments on the hash tag parents can reflect on their own childhood. Also, depending on your stance on topic you could feel emotions about your own child playing with them. The hash tag can make you test your own ethical view too. It does this by making you ask yourself how you feel about guns in general and if you are really okay with having you children play with them as long as they understand that real weapons are dangerous. Making sure your child also knows right from wrong about guns and violence can also be ethical. By having to teach your own children about right and wrong it makes you ask yourself about your own views and if you are really teaching your child the right thing. It can also test your logical stance on the subject matter. It does this by providing statistics to inform you about the topic and making you ask yourself if you really believe them. Last but not least, there is an urgency to the topic with it relating to today’s gun control controversy in the United States. It is also urgent because of all the violent acts going on around the world between different countries. Another thing is depending on the age of your child it could be more urgent if they are around the age of fictional play with other
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