Toyota Brand Image

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Industrial world have shown glooming era in recent years. This trend requires the industry to adjust their process to develop a brand image and loyalty. Purchasing a brand is a complex phenomenon in the purchasing behavior of consumers' purchasing decision process.
In an industry, global consolidation, average-to-depressed demand for products, loyalty decreases, and the problem of excess capacity leading to fierce competition resulting in lower prices and eroding profit margins. Manufacturers are scrambling to offer more features at a lower cost and coupling them with the most attractive financing options offered to consumers in a few years. Likewise, consumers are better informed than ever before and in a stronger negotiating position. In addition, they have become
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Brand image and brand loyality of Toyota.
2. Corporate Brand Image and Customer Satisfaction on Loyalty: An Empirical Study of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan.
3. The effect of brand image on overall statisfaction and loyality intention in the context of color cosmetic.
1.3 Objective
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the determinants that significantly affect brand image. Data was analyzed using exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation models to test the hypothesis. The image of the company has been rated as an important antecedent of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Corporate brand is very important because a positive corporate brand helps companies achieve higher performance, such as sales. Marketing exists to provide more value to satisfy customers and build long-term and mutual relationship with customer profitability. If the products or services of a company does not meet or satisfy customer needs and desires, all strategies are sufficient. With loyal customers, the company can have a higher market share and reduce operational costs.
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