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Toyota Eastern Motors is a company respected worldwide for producing the highest quality vehicles at the lowest cost in a safe environment. They achieve this by following the principles of promoting mutual respect, living their values, and by maintaining an environment of continuous learning. To make safety and health the priority, they accept individual responsibility for their own safety as well as others and to gain and hold their internal and external customers ' respect and loyalty, they live by their philosophy that the "next process is our customer." To achieve an environment where all team members treat other with dignity, trust each other, and care about the work they do, they foster initiative and creativity. To demonstrate the highest…show more content…
Sajjad Motors (currently Toyota Eastern Motors) is located at Main University Road, Karachi, Pakistan. It was after an extra-ordinary sales performance over the period of 10 years and the well-reputed personality of the chairman, Sajjad Motors was offered to be among the largest Toyota-Daihatsu 3S(Sales, Service, Spare Parts) Dealerships in Pakistan by Indus Motors Company Limited. It was an honor for them to be chosen amongst the best of the best of all time. The offer was honorably accepted under the name of Toyota Eastern Motors in the year 1991.
Recruitment and Selection Process:
At Toyota Eastern Motors experienced Human Resources team work closely with line management carefully defining the selection criteria for the vacant roles, ensuring they source the right person for the vacant role. They believe in internal and external recruitment both. Whether you are a recent graduate or already have an awesome resume, if you are looking to make a difference then Toyota Eastern Motors is your right stop.
The key recruitment and selection steps are outlined

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