Toyota GB: A Case Study Of Toyota GB

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1. Software solutions ERP-TOYOTA GB (Great Britain) The company: Toyota GB is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, which is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. Its main activities contain import and distribution of cars as well as marketing, sales, after sales services and customer relationship management. The problem: One main issue that Toyota GB faced was that Toyota MC offers its subsidiaries around the world around 20 million configuration options every year. Moreover, each subsidiary can add more configurations that fit better to the local markets. Services like customization and after service (available spare parts along the lifetime cycle of the car) bring more complexity to the information system and production-line workflow. Another factor is that in this highly competitive environment there is a need to identify quickly new trends/requirements of customers and to respond quicker than competitors. Thus, Toyota GB needed to combine information from areas such as marketing, sales, after sales and customer relations which was a difficult task to implement because of the number of alternations offered by the company. The solution: Toyota joined forces with IBM and decided to build their system upon an open-source software platform (Open-source ERP). This solution has many benefits (higher flexibility-performance, higher productivity through fast adaptability rate and lower costs of maintenance-consultancy-hardware,

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