Toyota Operation Analysis

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In this report I will talk about the operation meaning and the three types of operation , operation function ,operation manager , and operation management. I choose Toyota company because it is a good example to discuss what meant by effective operation management and explain its importance toward in Toyota . And explain what is the primary and support activities of Toyota company , and how these activities associated with the company . The effective operation management : the area of the business which its look at the production of the quality of goods and services . The aim of the operation management…show more content…
IKEA was starts in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad in the 1950 s. It has managed to develop its own special way of selling furniture .The stores are all designed around the same self services concept that finding the store , parking ,and ordering and picking up goods should be simple . IKEA philosophy and provide advice to customers who have not used the store before. Most significantly for shoppers with young children, there are children's play area ,small cinema . IKEA innovative approach to its business confined only to the physical layout and design of its stores , it extends to its management style and philosophy . IKEA is able to be succeed because it certainly keeps a very tight control of its costs , understands its market and how it can serve the needs of its customers , and the way it organize the delivery of its services within its…show more content…
Toyota , highly successful Japanese car manufacturer , it's a prime example of an organization that takes a customer and marketing view of its business . Toyota was started in 1937 with a name Toyota motor corporation which is now know all over the world , established as an independent company . The growth of Toyota has been one of the great success Japanese stories . Toyota industries develops and manufactures automobile such as vehicles ,car air conditioning , and devices . Toyota vision statement is to be the worldwide leader in the customer values . The mission statement is to become the leader in availing the best value in machines and support service for the customer. It's also committed to improve life quality .The name of this company has been connected with upper level of quality service and product . It's also a chief of Japans exporter ,with its services and product sales outside Japan. The strength of Toyota that is very strongly established in the major of countries . The weakness of Toyota is the range of the products that is produced by the company are mostly equipment specialized for a light duty work. The value activities of Toyota company is consist of primary and support activities , which is the building block by any firm creates a product valuable to its

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