Toyota Operations Management

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P4 Explain the key approaches to operations management and the role that leaders and managers play in Toyota global business strategy. Slide 1 The presentation explains the role of the managers and leaders in developing the global business strategy for Toyota Plc with the application of approaches of operational management in the organization along with the description of the values of operational management in the achievement of the objectives of Toyota Plc. Slide 2 This slide explain the operational management and the functions of the operational management in increasing the productivity of the organization. Slide 3 This slides depicts the six sigma methodology which are applied in the organization in order to improve the production processes and increase the efficiency. Six sigma eliminates the six types of waste in the organizations. The wastes are Transportation, over processing, wait, inventory, defects in production process, motion. Slide 4 This slide explains the role of managers and leaders to use the total quality approach in the development of the global business strategy of Toyota Plc and described the TQM approach. The approach suggests the continuous improvement that the company need to bring for fulfilling the objective of efficient quality of the products. The five principles of Total Quality Management are customer orientation, continuous improvement, teamwork, quality in work to be maintained, to keep a strategic approach for improvement.
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