Toyota Para Crisis And Failure

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This theory summarizes the causes of “Para crisis” and how they recover from crisis. It explains the issues which Toyota Company is facing during the manufacturing defects of automobiles and customer concerns regarding their safety. The critical analysis of the manufacturing defects in automobiles is explained. The recommendations on strategies which will help company to continue company product image as one of the best brand in the world for quality and safety. It also determines the solution to recover the losses during the crisis.
Para crisis is the one kind of crisis. It is very dangerous for organization. It can be identify and prevent the company from crisis. If not, the organization will show the way for higher risk. Para crisis consists of reputation and risks. Data is obtained from various sources to show the affect of crisis in various sectors of market. Also the data is the one which has been shared with public by social media since the crisis started. Social media can get information from all social networking sides and share with public. There are many steps available to manage crisis. Perfect timing, response and sincerity are essential for successful crisis management. Crisis management and crisis communication needs to prevent Para crisis.
The Toyota’s cars have the issue in their manufacturing defects. These defects are brought into light after many critical accidents are reported

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