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TOYOTA PRIUS GREEN OR GEEK MACHINE ? ANSWER 1: The introduction and sales of Toyota Prius affected the following factors customers, public, competitors and suppliers. Customers There were the want for a revolutionary from the people for their own reasons. We can categorize them in those people who interested in scientific and technological advances, in other whose concern is the cheap fuels and in those with environmental concerns. Toyota understood that want and brought into sales the Prius before its competitors. The first move Toyota made was to setting up a site to educate consumers about Prius 2 years before its introduction and sending e-brochures to potential buyers just before the introduction. Furthermore Toyota took advantage of…show more content…
The first one was the government by helping in Promotion of Prius with federal income reduction at US and reduction in car tax on initial purchase at UK. The second was the media by using magazines and television for Prius promotion. Suppliers The hybrid technology was unknown to public as a result some components like batteries was very expensive and they increased the cost of the car. But after the successful introduction of Toyota Prius battery suppliers like Panasonic could reduce the cost of producing batteries. ANSWER 2: The macro environment consists of six factors demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural. Demographic With the introduction of Prius Toyota knew that hybrid technology could attract people who are familiar with technology. We can say that Toyota was right because all the buyers start to experiment with car’s computer system. Economic With the increase of petrol and the many financial problems some countries have consumers was looking for a car more economic and the Toyota offered that advantage. Also with the distribution of the government in some cases like in UK where Prius offered with reduced cars tax on every new car, in addition Electric car drivers could avoid London’s 5 pounds per day Congestion Charge. Also in US there was an offer of 2000 dollars federal income reduction for every new…show more content…
It was well organized by introducing Prius to consumers by setting up a site like two years before its initial appearance to the market. Also the media like magazines and television contributed to his success. Also I think it was a really smart move when they sent emails with brochures to 40000 potential buyers just before the introduction. Another effective strategy was to send green seed cards shaped like toyota’s logo to potential buyers during Earth Day. Also the risk of introduction of Prius before every other rival made Toyota leader to the hybrid addition the idea of concentrating on people who are interested in technology was very effective

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