Toyota Production System Analysis

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Toyota production System focuses on lean strategies and improvement by eliminate the waste. Nowadays, it is hard to take a degree of business without analyzing a case example about Toyota or Toyota groups. We all know that Toyota is one of the best companies in the world and most the cases and discussions talk about Toyota production system. Most manufacturing companies are integrating “lean initiative” so, this concept is spreading to the several organizations such as hospitals, financial institutions, and big construction companies . The broader organizations separates the short term improvements from the long term lean and to be effective, lean thinking cannot stop at one floor . Management principle has to exceed the shop floor as what…show more content…
Its base began with studies by Liker, and their students which lead to the creation of the set based on concurrent engineering models. This study of Toyota’s approach to Product process development led to the more identification in set of 13 different management principles that will be considered as a foundation for lean product development in general. They organized these into the framework of process, people, and tools technology, which will applied to service industries and many operations. The important lesson is to know that it is a system model and what makes it work at Toyota is that all the pieces fit together and support each other. Pull out one piece of the system it will…show more content…

Globalizing the Toyota Way
There are many ways which Toyota has been doing this quite successfully:
1.Coordinator System 2. Careful Selection 3. Trips to Japan. 4. Chief engineer system. 5.Transferring Hansei 6. Work-Life Balance 7. Individual Versus Group Reward
Learning from the Toyota Way many companies in the world are integrating to learn from Toyota system and they are limiting the exploration to a few specific tools. Companies that have seen success with lean tools in manufacturing want to apply them to their own product development processes. When we look to the Toyota and its way in applying the principles to product development we see that by large service and operations they are focusing on a little lean tools. This approach identifies repetitive process to continuous improvements , applying value stream mapping to eliminate waste , implement the changes and celebrate

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