Toyota Sustainability

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As the largest automobile manufacturer in early years and the 13th largest company in the world by revenue, Toyota created a lot of miracles in auto industry. With an amazing high-speed development in past 80 years, Toyota becomes the most famous and reliable auto makers all around the world with incredible reputation. It produces about 17 million units per years, generating about 28 trillion dollars revenue and 3 trillion dollars operating income. For most of people who want economic reliable cars, Toyota has to be their first choice. There are some key factors that led the company to success, and corporate sustainability must be one of those.
I found the Sustainability Data Book 2016 of Toyota to study its CSR strategy and to
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As the industry leader, Toyota strives to be a good corporate citizen trusted by all stakeholders and to contribute to the creation of affluent society through all its business operations. What guide Toyota to be a good practice in sustainability? This is a key valuable question. Toyota has guiding principles that help company to contribute towards sustainable development. It was created in year 2001 and became the code of conduct throughout the whole culture. It starts with Toyota Global Vision which is a macro perspective strategy and then turns into medium-to long-term management plan which could be production plans or environmental strategies. The third step is annual directions that drives company to aim at different areas and markets yearly to gain profits. Lastly is regular business activities that is more detailed into actual actions of those…show more content…
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CSR Policy
The CSR policy is a perfect practice of the Guiding Principles at Toyota which mainly focuses on the relationships with different stakeholders. Toyota is trying to become the company that is admired and trusted by society through ensuring that all employees could recognize and act on Toyota’s CSR Policy. Also, Toyota shares this policy with consolidated subsidiaries, makes a point of putting it into practice together, and expect the business partners to embrace its spirit and act in accordance with it as well.
Toyota Global Vision
Toyota published the Toyota Global Vision in March 2011 which reflected lessons learned from financial losses as a result of the global economic crisis of 2008 and other quality issues. It clearly announced as statement to Toyota’s customers and society as a whole. Even now, the company is still striving to implement a positive cycle of making the best products which satisfy customer and contribute to environment at the same time. This could be the key strategy that drives Toyota on a sustainable growth.
Toyota Way

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