Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Impact On Japanese Society

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Toyotomi Hideyoshi influenced the Japanese society in many ways One of the biggest ways Toyotomi Hideyoshi changed society is that he unified the whole of Japan. But where it all stared was when he was sent out of his home when he was a boy and became a page to a retainer of the daimyo in the province Tōtōmi. Toyotomi Hideyoshi first rise to power was when he overthrew two powerful daimyos and became the lord of Nagahama. This was a key part to his life because if he didn’t overthrow the daimyos he would still be a page. He then went on to invade the Bitchū province, which gave him a massive place to set up his empire. He then he besieged the daimyo Mōri Terumoto and gained more freedom to set up his domain. Next, he moved east, defeating Mitsuhide, which he completed at…show more content…
(5) He applied pressure from land and sea. After six months, Hideyoshi asked for the Hojo daimyo 's surrender and commenced a 3-day attack on the castle when he refused. When the surrender came he confiscated the land. The great Hojo clan was eliminated and from this time on Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the undisputed military dictator of the land. (5) Considered a symbol of his power and desire to rule all of Japan, he ordered the construction of Osaka Castle, later ordering the restoration of the Imperial Palace.Toyotomi Hideyoshi impacted Japanese government in many ways. He acknowledged that an unstable peace and constant uncertainly had led to the practice of samurai farming and peasants to take up arms. To combat this, he issued decrees that defined the social status and duties of all Japanese. He banned everyone from having weapons besides samurai. Samurai were ordered back to towns. This strategy designed (3) to prevent uprisings and clarify boundaries between the classes had an immediate and centuries-long era of peace and stability. If you were born a farmer, you died a farmer. (4) Segmenting Rural Peasant/urban Samarai populations provided the basis for a significant social balance in
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