Toys In The 1980's

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The 1980’s often referred as the “Go-Go Eighties” was a time of prosperity and entertainment, especially in Technology, Politics, and Toys. People in the decade had the time of their lives. Kids had fun with new video game consoles and toys while parents could spend the evening watching a movie at home on CD or watching the news with cable television. The 1980’s created a new conviction in the future of its people. “Eighties tech sticks to the skin, responds to the touch:” (Sterling). The speed of advances in technology seemed to be greater than ever. A surprising number of items get their life from the 80’s. There were advances in computers, music, television and electronics. The creation of portable phones allowed people to talk on the go when they needed to reach someone. Children could talk to their parents while they were at work or out of the house. Also, the Nintendo gaming system allowed all aged kids to play their favorite games such as Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. I would’ve loved to be a kid with the classic games! Parents wouldn’t have to entertain their kids as much and…show more content…
Toys were cuddly and electronic. Thundercats, by far, were the best toy” (Cornwell). Toys and Toons have definitely changed since the 1980’s. Range from Care Bears to Rubix Cubes to Mario Bros. Care Bears were loving, cuddly stuffed animals that helped comfort young children. TV shows were created after the Care Bears hit. The Nintendo Gaming System also was a popular for teenagers. The removable disk allowed you to play more than one game. Games such as Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros were only some of the many hits on the console. Most of the ideas of the videos games came from cartoons. Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eventually got a spot in the video game industry. Kids wanted the toys seen in the cartoons, so action figures were created for almost every cartoon from Star Wars to My Little
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