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As parents walk inside Toys R’ Us or the toy section in a major department store, they are mainly dazed by the expression on their child’s face than the price tag on the toy their child desires. Several people avoid taking into account the layout of the store or the store’s toy section and the blueprint of the packages that those toys are in. The wallpaper used or the terms printed on the box are simple elements that can tell enough regarding the mode our society distinguishes boys and girls personalities. These general statements are proceeding the brutal pattern of quality grasped by fathers and mothers of a family. Target’s toy section is divided into boys and girls sections in a simple style. The boys section has on the shelves a blue wallpaper and approximately every toy has a picture of a boy on the package. Some examples of these toys included Star Wars, Transformers, and Nerf guns. This is also true for the girl section, except the shelves are covered with a pink wallpaper and all of the packages have pictures of girls playing with the exact toy. Basic colors such as blue and pink can simply determine which gender is going to be captivated by the package. Toys such as Mega Bloks and Legos may be alike, but one box is pink and one is blue. Not only the colors are customized for a boy or a girl, but also the terms used to describe each toy and the blueprint of the package are. Toys that are intended for boys illustrate terms such as “action, power, speed, and force” written in enormously immense fonts on the box. The…show more content…
These toys are mainly Play-Doh and hula hoops. Most of these gender-neutral toys are intended for learning and generating creativity. Sesame Street toys are not essentially attracted to one gender more than the other. These toys seem to be created for toddlers who possibly do not yet acknowledge colors, like blue and pink, as having concealed

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