Tps/Eugene Elementary Classroom Evaluation

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My evaluation of two months employment at TPS/Eugene Elementary was not based on my professional criterion. Instead, it was judged by parents of a group of students who did not want to do their class work and follow class rules. They went to the office making up a bunch of stories about me. I was not informed until my evaluation. I did not know what was going on. I just saw frowns from the office as these students gave me a hard time in trying to get them to follow rules. The class was in control until these students start going to the office getting sympathy. The explanation of each category performance is as follows:
Work performance average.
1. Your attendance is good and thanks. For that reason, your performance is average.
• How do I get along with others?
1. You do not get along with others because parents complain about you. It is something about you that triggers the students’ negative behaviors.
2. It is a cultural barrier.
The class was out of control when I got there. They were yelling, fighting, and trying to
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He has to cool down before getting back in line with others. One time I was concerned about his anger because of it last throughout the line, while being seated to cool down and after he got his lunch. I only asked him not to run to the water fountain and stop pushing and shoving in line. He kept arguing with me and would not let up. I could not attend to the class and lunch duty. I send him to the office to discuss his point of view in hopes they could calm him down and have him to understand I have to do my job. In my evaluation, a cultural barrier was mentioned. Now when Elijah argues with me, I immediate get a Caucasian or someone of his race to handle the problem, and it works out well. However, I should not be judged on someone cultural differences. Tulsa Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against race, ethnic or national

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