Tracking System Advantages And Disadvantages

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Reduce operational costs and increase productivity

Track and control vehicles to provide better communication, deliver timely services, etc.

Transmit information quickly via satellites and prepare vehicle reports

All these features of the tracking system ultimately reduces operational costs and increase productivity.

Guide drivers and increase fuel efficiency

By careful analysing driver behavior such as speeding, acceleration, braking etc. , you will be able to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the vehicle, operating, and fuel costs

With the help of sensors, you can minimize maintenance costs, machine failures, and thereby prevent vehicle theft

Improve cargo security and driver's safety

You can identify theft instantly when your
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Also, the system needs only external power and antenna for GPS and GSM. All these reduce the overall cost of the system. Apart from this advantage, it also helps to save extra space for printable circuit board of the system.

Here are certain advantages that you can associate with the GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking system:

You get better security from GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking system than any other


You will be able to access the system from anywhere(even in remote areas)

Position the vehicle in exact place as per the system

Applications of the system

The system application is a cheaper one for knowing the automobile position and status. And hence, it is very much useful in times of theft recovery. Also, parents can monitor the adolescent drivers via the aforesaid tracking application

1. Stolen vehicle recovery

2. Valuable for food delivery and car rental companies

3. Vehicle tracking of important personalities

4. Child and pet tracking

5. Ambulance tracking

6. Service
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Reduce excessive vehicle idling

Usually, drivers have an instinct to keep on running the vehicle engine while making their delivery or stops. Reducing vehicle idling can save you a lot of money. With the use of a vehicle tracking system, you can monitor each driver's habits and thereby regulate their fuel wastage by excessive idling.

2. Prevent overspeeding of vehicles

When you increase your vehicle speed, your fuel bill also increase accordingly. As you increase speed of your vehicle, you burn extra fuel, increase risk, and add overall fleet expenses. In a GPS vehicle tracking system, you can set speed limits so that you can compare actual vehicle speed against the speed limits. Hence, you will be able to control speed of vehicles in your fleet and thus earn profits for your business.

3. Avoid sudden braking or acceleration

As per the expert opinion, sudden braking or acceleration can cost you an extra three miles per gallon. Steady driving helps you to lower fuel consumption. Using the information obtained from a vehicle tracking system, reports can be created and thus eliminate unsafe driving habits of your drivers.

4. Use the most appropriate route on

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