Nanapush Character Analysis

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“I suffer for His sake as He did for yours, I miswear my shoes for mortification” (Erdrich 146). Tracks shows the audience spiritual tensions between the White people and the Ojibwa culture. It gave us three very different spiritual experiences, Nanapush who tricks us, Fleur who is very spiritual and traditional and Pauline who wants to cover up her Indian heritage. Nanapush does not elaborate often on his spiritual views just like the Midewiwin spirit which is also a very mysterious and secretive, much like Nanapush (Henderson, Secret Ojibwa Tribe). The audience sees him asking for forgiveness for his sinning with Margaret, but also he discusses Indian spirituality as well “We are tricksters in the blood, natural mixed blood trickster”(Vizenor, 18). In the book he trick us with how he believes by attending the catholic church and then by showing us his Indian spirituality. He even confessed his sin because he was sleeping with a woman out of wedlock. Midewiwin were often the Indian’s society medicine man. “The trickster heals with humor and wonder, not the burdens of the past, but beware”…show more content…
He put aside their differences in beliefs and the fact Pauline is ashamed of them all. He risked his life to save hers. Nanapush and Fleur’s main goal is to reserve the tribe, while Pauline sets to destroy it and cover it up completely. Both Nanapush a Fleur put aside their differences and helped her out. Fleur is the character who the audience wanted to know more about, yet Erdrich kept her as a mystery with what she was thinking and believed. Her spirituality is not as hidden as Nanapush but we are still a little unsure what she is thinking. She is known for having powers and transforming into Erdrich does not allow us to hear Fleur’s side in Tracks even though it is centered around her and her
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