Traction Alopecia Essay

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Traction Alopecia Treatment
As stated before, remedy of traction alopecia will only work prior to getting to a stage of permanent damage.
The great news is that treating the condition, if you catch it early on, can be as easy as altering whatever hairstyle or hair care techniques you have been practicing and starting to truly learn to care for the precious asset that is your hair.
Wearing a weave
One of the funniest ironies about traction alopecia, is the case of African American women. It is the most widespread source of hair loss in this group because of the installation of weaves and hairpieces, and yet the irony is that these hairstyles are adopted initially in order to enhance and protect thinning hair or hair lacking in volume.
However as Oliver Herford, the write said: “A hair in the head is
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Always use fabric covered hair bands – stay away from rubber bands that aren’t covered. Also remove clips, bands and ponytail holders when sleeping, this way you will be putting stress on your hair and not know it.
Buy a silk or satin pillowcases. They make less friction with your hair than nylon or cotton ones and are believed to help reduce wrinkles too!

Opt for a satin wig cap (if you use one), Instead of a cotton or nylon one. Again, this will decrease friction on your hair.
Change the location of your part as often as you can. Even a simple dissection in the hair can trigger an issue when made in the same position every day.
Change a braided hair style after 2 to 3 months.
Don 't retwist the roots of dreadlocks – Check out this video for first-hand experience of how much damage this can cause.
Remove extensions and weaves after 6 to 8 weeks - and let the hair some time to recover prior to restyling them again.
When using hairspray or hair gel, wash it out before your next brush. Brushing dried gels and hairspray from your hair can damage the shaft and may cause further hair

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