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Quote By Tracy M Johnson: “I have left u now but please don't be sad you gave me all the love u had. You did so much for me in my time here and i’ll always hold those precious times near I know someday you'll find love again and into your life will come a new friend. Your heart will heal. Though you’ll never forget memories like the first time we met. Memories are wonderful, so keep them close and remember all the good times the most. Up in Heaven for is where I”ll be and someday in the future, each other will see. I am at PEACE now so please don’t be sad. You gave me all the love you had”
To begin with, if i could give anyone anything for christmas i'd give my mom her cat raja back; because cause her cat could do more like; cuddle, be alive, and so he could run again. Another reason i would give her cat
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One of the reasons is so they could tell each other there favorite things. They could tell each other there favorite sports, basketball team, and football team. she would also not be afraid of guns anymore so she could; use them as protection, she could also use them for fun, or she could collect them. another reason is so she could find out who killed him. so she would just be relieved he was finally caught, so she would get to see the person who did it, and she could no why he did it. The last thing is I would give my dad his dog back. I would give him his dog back because he loved his dog and it would make him happy. one of the reasons i would give him his dog back is so he could take him to the park and; run, play fetch, go on walks. the other reason i would give him his dog back is so they could celebrate his birthday and they would; eat cake, get him a new toy, make him happy. and the last reason i would give him his dog back is so he would be happier. He would be happier because he would be able to cuddle his dog; pet his dog; and he would see his dog
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