Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains

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The world seems to turn a blind eye to global health. Whether they use the excuse, as said in the book, “resources are limited.” Or countries just simply do not want to go out of their way to provide for these countries. That is why Paul Farmer and his colleagues set out to help these people who are suffering from bad diseases, as well as government systems that will not do anything to help these people in need. The book “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder is the chronicling of anthropologist, professor, and doctor Paul Farmer. It is an excellent story of sacrifice and hardship of Farmer and the effort and time he puts into taking care of the less fortunate in different countries.
Not only is he an amazing doctor, but he also understands
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At first I thought it was a little boring, mostly because it was all background information, I suppose. After I passed that part and really started reading about Paul Farmers journey I could not put the book down! In one of the chapters Kidder tells about Paul Farmers upbringing and his life leading up to his work in Haiti. It truly surprised me all the he had accomplished by the time he was only twenty-four. It really made me want to figure out my passion in life. It was also very fascinating hearing about Farmer working in both Haiti and Peru. The work he put into helping those people day and night was truly inspiring. He said that each night he would usually only get around four hours of sleep. Clearly putting the people’s health in front of his own. I also found it very enjoyable hearing about Paul Farmer from other people’s perspectives, such as Ophelia. I believe you really got to know him through Kidders narrative and when Ophelia talked about him. Overall I believe this book was a great book to read for Global Perspectives on Health, because it really does give you information on what is happening all over the world and how people are dealing with
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