Trade Deadline In Major League Baseball

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With the Trade Deadline coming up next Friday for Major League Baseball, many teams are faced with the idea of, "Do we buy or sell?" The trade deadline is a huge deal for teams because it can either help get them that playoff spot, or even help them prepare for next year. Last year we saw David Price go to the Detroit Tigers, Jon Lester to the Oakland Athletics and Joakim Soria, who also went to the Tigers. These deals helped those teams reach the playoffs, while the teams on the opposing end received early help to rebuild for next year. Here, we 'll look at some teams that should buy & sell.


Los Angeles Dodgers

For the Dodgers to make a deep playoff run, they need to get deeper at the Starting Pitcher position. The Dodgers have arguably
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The Tigers do not have a promising farm system and have managed to tie down Miguel Cabrera for 10 years, 292 million dollars; so their options are kind of limited. Now, I 'm not saying the Cabrera deal is a terrible one, I mean he is one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. But, with the aging of Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez and Ian Kinsler, it 's now or never. The Tigers will not have the money to resign David Price, so why not sell for some good prospects? They are 4 games out of the Wild Card, while the Kansas City Royals are walking away with the division. It 's time Detroit, just sell! Build around Cabrera, Jose Iglesias and Anthony Gose, then…show more content…
Now the only difference, the Red Sox were not prepared to tank. The Red Sox had a busy offseason, acquiring the likes of Hanley Ramirez, Rick Porcello and Pablo Sandoval. The Red Sox are 9.5 back of playoff spot and have a lot of money committed to players all across their system. The Red Sox best option at this time is to sell on their mistakes and prepare for next year. If they can sell Ramirez to a playoff fringe team, they could get a lot back. They have a great international pool of players, so waiting until the future could be the right move for them. Expect the Red Sox to sell this deadline and rebuild, it only makes sense in the war zone that
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