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Carpentry is a skilled trade in which building and repairing structures and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel is done. Requirements include physical strength as well as problem-solving and math skills. I’m interested in this trade because my dad along with most of his family works in carpentry, and it is a good, hands-on job. I have worked as an “apprentice” alongside my dad for nearly 3 years, and plan to continue until I graduate high school. To gain trade certification as a carpenter, you normally need a three to four year apprenticeship program, or a combination of over four years ' work experience, as well as some some high school, college, or industry courses in carpentry. After I graduate I hope…show more content…
The highest-paid carpenters can make approximately $75,000, while the lowest paid make around $25,000. salary lower than some construction jobs but higher than others. Plumbers and electricians make about $53,000 a year, much more than carpenters. However, on average painters and general construction workers make significantly less than what most carpenters earn. The alternative is becoming a union carpenter where in 2013 average annual salary for a union carpenter was $76,000, or approximately $36.53 per hour. In order to be an union carpenter you must be 18 years old in most states and have at least a high school diploma or GED. An apprentice carpenter is normally paid 30 to 50 percent of the wages he will earn once training is completed. To complete the apprenticeship, union carpenters must complete a minimum of 144 hours of paid technical training and 2,000 hours of paid on the job training. However, some unions require more than the minimum amount of training, like 6,000 hours of paid training. As of May 2010, about 16 percent of all carpenters belong to unions. Union carpenters do the same work as other carpenters such as measuring and cutting wood and installing

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