Trade Union In Peninsular Malaysia

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Definition of a trade union has been defined in a different ways according to the authors. According to Lester, R. (1958) defines a trade union as ‘an association of employees designed primarily to maintain or improve the conditions of employment of its members’. G.D.H Cole (1953) defines a trade union means ‘a trade union means an association of workers in one or more occupations – an association carried on mainly for the purpose of protecting and advancing the members’ economic interests in connection with their daily work. Sydney and Beatrice Webb defined a trade union as ‘a continuous association of wage-earners for the purpose of maintaining of improving the conditions of their working lives’.

Trade union means an organization
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In Malaysia, under Trade Union Act Section 2, 1959 define as “Any association or combination of workmen or employers whose place of work is in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak as the case may be, or employers employing workmen in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak, within any particular establishment, trade, occupation or industry or within any similar trades, occupations or industries”. These definitions gives a trade union the power to assume a social role (regulating relations among its members), as well as an economic role (regulating relations between employers and employees) through collective bargaining, and that of protector of members’ rights (grievance processing and the conducting of trade disputes). Trade union formed in accordance and follow rules and regulation by the law of the country, with privileges or rights given by the law it should perform certain duties with respect to workers (Baker & McKenzie, 2010).

Although trade union has always been the main social institutions in societies represent worker interest, the decline in membership in many countries since the 1970’s and its consequent weakening of trade union is a serious threat to acceptable and fair working and living conditions for workers (Jens Lind, 2012). This paper will discuss on the density
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An overall, social function aims into four areas; provide welfare activities to improve the quality of work among members including mutual fund, cooperative credit facilities, training for women in order to help them improving their income. Improving workers’ educations including create awareness, enhancement of workers’ knowledge and participations. Providing scheme and procedure for redressing in grievances and provide publication of periodicals.

d. Political functions
Political function include affiliating the union to a politically party, helping the political party in enrolling members, collecting donations, seeking the help during the periods of strikes or lock-outs.

The trade unions are the organizations formed by working male and female workers both to improve the conditions of labour and to further to attain better life. From previous studies shows workers join a trade union are driven by economic motives, protection of rights and social needs. There are few reasons that make the employees join a trade union, such

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