Trader Joe Case Study

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Who wouldn 't know the name Trader Joe 's Market. The first thing notice when you walked into the store is that the workers wear Hawaiian shirts and regular pants than on a regular market you see workers wearing black pants and white shirt. Additionally, they advertised that almost all the store products are organic. Customers who wants to live a healthy life style would like to shop to an organic store. Buying organic food can be sometimes expensive but at Trader Joe 's promises that their price is reasonable than other organic markets. So what’s Trader Joe 's Mission, Value and Vision? In this paper I will compare Trader Joe 's mission, value and vision against the criteria of robust statements. I will also discuss Trader Joe 's core…show more content…
So what is Trader Joe’s mission, vision and value? Their mission, value and vision is to provide customers the best food and beverage and provide information to make informed buying decisions. There are many unique grocery items and with everyday low prices. They buy their products directly to the supplier and get the best price so the consumer will save money. They also stated that most grocery stores charge the supplier a fee if their product is put in the shelf but not in trader joe which means lower price (3). They basically said that they keep their price lower than any other stores including their organic foods. Their vision emphasizes in great food with great price. There is another store that is similar to Trader Joe’s Market which is Whole Food Market, they also emphasize the same concept but to my experience, some of their products are overpriced compared to Trader Joe. As they put emphasis on great food, they say their products does not contain artificial flavors, no preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients or MSG. If you try to shop at Trader Joe, most of its products especially around the vegetable and meat aisle, you will see all organic labels. As for their value, they want to make the customer feel that buying their product at a great price that also meets their expectations and superior quality. Buying at Trader Joe’s, you can get excellent prices on a great tasting foods that is made with the best…show more content…
What are Trader Joe’s core competencies? Well I can give you three points why Trader Joe’s is one of the leading competitors in the retail industry. One of the core competency is that they offer value in their products with reasonable prices. Not to mention that most of their products are innovative and unique compared to the other retail stores, they also sell organic vegetables and meats for consumers who concerned about their health. If price doesn’t concern you, then how about the creative ways of selling different kind of food both import and export products. These is another competency that make Trader Joe different from any retail store. We tend to try new things especially food, why not taste something different or out of our comfort zone. Well Trader Joe sells peculiar products ranging from local to international food. And if the product doesn’t sell, they change it quickly and put something different. So there’s always something new and imaginative goods every time a consumer shops at Trader Joe. If not the price or the food, how about cheerful and helpful staffs of Trader Joe. Their employees wear Hawaiian luau shirts, doesn’t it tell you how nice and welcoming the staff when you enter Trader Joe. This is another competency that makes Trader Joe considered the best. When you go to a regular retail store such as Albertson, you see their employee wear black slack and white shirt, it does scream boring and not approachable but Trader Joe changed
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