Tradition In Dead Poets Society

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In Dead Poets Society Mr. Keating introduces a new way of learning to his students, being individuals. In “Aria” a new boy, who is Spanish, enters an all-white Catholic School that has to conform to it. Both the movie and the story start off with traditional ways, but have different endings. With conforming to a new school but losing a piece of himself along the with. Stepping out of box to become who they really wanted to be by going against what their parents wanted them to be. There are many outcomes to following tradition or stepping out of the habit, but the outcome might not be as expected.
Dead Poets Society introduces its viewers to the beginning of a new school at a traditional all boys institution. The plot begins as the boys are
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Keating’s unique teaching methods start to mold the boys’ minds in becoming individuals. The boys revive the Dead Poets Society club that Mr. Keating was originally a part of. Resurrecting Mr. Keating’s Dead Poets Society, the boys start sneaking out at night to a cave where they have their secret meetings. To discover himself, Neil finds auditions will be held in town for a play and decides he wants to audition. Neil’s roommate, Todd Anderson, attempts to persuade him not to go against his father’s wishes and anger him. Not worried about how his father would react, Neil auditions and lands the lead role. Upon finding out he will perform the lead role, Neil starts forging a letter from his father to the headmaster stating that Neil can be in the play. When it comes time for the play, Neil puts on an amazing show, that was attended by his classmates and Mr. Keating, only to realize his father was in the audience. Angry at his son’s actions, his father takes him where his mother is waiting, so they can discuss Neil’s actions. His father demands that Neil goes to military school prior to medical school. But Neil argues against it saying he does not want to go. In the end, Neil cannot come to terms with what his father demands from him and commits suicide. Because of his suicide, the boys are instructed by the headmaster to put the blame on Mr. Keating. Upon hearing of his termination, Mr. Keating goes back to his classroom to collect his personal…show more content…
The hallways were filled with nostalgic photographs of alumni to the customs that have been observed for decades. Following your tradition you are following someone else's footsteps. You lose yourself, personality, conforming to someone else's ideas of what should be done. Ruby Gropas, Anna Triandafyllidou, and Hara Kouki gave an example “Against this background, we consider the way in which Greece's pathway to modernity has oscillated between a dominant European definition and an individual one.” (Gropas, 2013) Greece is oscillating itself with tradition that everyone has the same problems but when individualize themselves they can deal with their own problems themselves. Mr.Keating wanted students to think for themselves and not regurgitate the material being forced upon them. He breaks away from tradition by having the boys rip out pages from their books, marching outside, standing on desks. Although there is tradition but there is also change in where you can been your own an
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