Tradition In The Lottery

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The word “tradition” derives from Latin, traditio: the noun from the verb tradere or traderer, which means to transmit, hand over or give for safe keeping. Traditions have existed since the dawn of time. Traditions help to maintain consistency in our lives. They teach us morals and give us reasons to believe that there will always be good in the world. Traditions, good or bad teach us hard life lessons. Traditions are good, they bring about positive change, keep us grounded and help us grow. The Lottery took place in a time when women were looked upon as second class citizens and had no rights. The Lottery was conducted by the most powerful men in the little Vermont town, Mr. Summers, Mr. Graves and Mr. Martin (Pathways 666). The names were…show more content…
Catholic Spanish-speaking people hold onto their traditions of language and culture but have also embraced the American way of life (Zimmerman). Every culture on earth has its traditions, which bond them to the past. The personal emotions invested in traditions are the biggest part of our values and the very glue that holds a community people together (McDowell). Traditions ensures communities are pleasant places to live. Saying please and thank you show we do not take people for granted (Traditions). Otherwise, we would not really be respecting ourselves. These same tradition ensure children have at all time good role models to follow. It teaches them right from wrong and acceptable behaviors so that they are ready to enter the real world. Traditions are a balancing act, we can decide to retain them, change them or discard them completely. Therefore, traditions are integral in keeping us grounded and reminding us daily that we are all equal and deserving of proper respectful treatment. Traditions teach us that we are continuously growing and improving our…show more content…
One such tradition is lifting a child to kiss a relative who has died goodbye (Sonnenberg). As a child this can be seen as scary, however in adulthood we see it as a valuable experience. As this gives one the ability to work through the grief that we will all experience one day, as death is an integral part of life which we will all journey through (Sonnenberg). Saying goodbye, helps us to have closure and to move forward (Sonnenberg). Therefore, traditions give us comfort and guidance that all is right in our world, despite the dreadful things happening all around us all the time

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