Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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ABSTRACT – The African people followed a different lifestyle. They varied in their behaviour beliefs, thoughts, interaction with people, mannerism and most importantly in following their culture. The clash be-tween the African culture and the Western culture is majorly seen as a clash between the traditional and the Western. What was the nature of the Nigerian nation after colonialism? The change of a person and the fall of culture occurred due to colonialism. The fall of culture due to westernization are portrayed in attention to issues of actions, behaviours and statements of characters and cultural realism. Hence leading to a conclu-sion, cultural clashes laid the path for the western ones. It also intends to indicate the extent of the damage in the relationship between Africans and their natural world caused by the event of colonization.

KEYWORDS – African culture, Colonialism, Westernization, the fall of culture and the fall of man.
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Achebe along with many other writers like Wole Soyinka, Buchi Emecheta, Ben Okri, Ama Ata Ai-doo and others had used literature as a medium to express their desires for a reawakening of a society that has lost its values and even its own identity. Gikandi states that Achebe’s works and thoughts always stir many forgotten questions - where, when and why does colonialism begin to seize the initiative in the organi-sation of the African society (Things Fall Apart and Arrow of

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