Traditional Bullying: The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Have you ever had a classmate pass around an embarrassing a note to your whole class? What about someone posting it on the social media, chat rooms, instant messaging sites, where it gets shared, laughed at, seen by thousands, and it won’t go away because there are just way too many copies. This is an example of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone harasses or insults a victim through the Internet, practically anywhere that has a chatting system of some sort. People need to understand how awful cyberbullying is, to be aware of it. People need to know what cyberbullying is, how many people are affected by it, and how to stop it. Whether it’s slight discomfort to depression, here is why cyberbullying needs to be reduced and stopped. First of all, you need to know what cyberbullying is. Cyberbullying is when someone continuously bullies another person. The difference between cyberbullying and traditional bullying is that cyberbullying happens online and is usually in the form of messages or images. Cyberbullying is when someone continuously harasses, insults, or harms another user. This usually happens on social media sites, instant messaging sites, or online chat rooms. Basically anywhere where people can talk digitally to other people. Because so many teens use social media, many of them get cyberbullied. Cyberbullying takes form in messages or embarrassing images. They get posted somewhere where other people can see it. says, “Most information
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