Spring Festivals In China

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Traditional Chinese Festivals
As you know, China has been a great power since the Antiquity, and not only economically speaking, but also historical. China creates an entire bouquet of oriental traditions that are still respected and eagerly expected even in the present. Here are some of the most relevant examples:
Spring Festival

In China, the most important holiday is the Spring Festival. In this period of time people around the country come back home and for a half of month the transportation systems are very busy. Mostly, this festival represents what Christmas is for the people in the West and just like our Christmas, the Spring Festival starts annually at the begging of the 12th month of the year and it lasts until the middle of the
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It started in the Western Han Dynasty and it is held every year, ever since then. People will make hand-made lanterns and they will hang them in the streets, catching the eyes of the visitors. The most excited about this holiday are, obviously, the children which take part at fun activities such as “Guessing lantern riddles”. The owners of the lanterns will put riddles written on pieces of paper on the lanterns. The person who resolves the riddle will get a special price. This game is very important because it is full of wise Chinese lessons that children are willing to…show more content…
Qingming is the festival where happiness and sadness are celebrated together, being the day where sacrifice is the most important. Because of that, even the minorities join the Han in order to offer a sacrifice to the ancestors. Today, no one will cook around China and the people will serve only cold food.
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival is located in the Gregorian calendar usually in October and in the Chinese calendar being located on the 15th day of the 8th month of the

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