Traditional Christianity In Africa

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Traditional Christianity as an African Religion
There are so many religions in the world like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, African Religion and so many more. Although in Africa, the most respected and popular religion is Christianity and Islam, which is made up of majority of Africans. Traditional Christianity as an African Religion is an article written by Calvin Rieber and can be found on the pages 255-273 using the book, “African Religions: A Symposium, published in 1977 by Newell S Booth in writing this report. Christianity began after the death of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. There was a relationship between Jerusalem and Northern Africa and because of this relationship, Christianity was introduced in Ethiopia, Egypt and the Northern
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Portugal, which is the western-most European country, during the earlier age of exploration, was seeking for a route to Asia by sailing south around Africa. The Portuguese arrived in the west coast near the end of the fifteenth century and the Jesuits began working there followed by the Dutch and the British. This was a gradual process. The Portuguese were Catholics and in 1471 they arrived at Gold Coast which is now Ghana today. It all began as a trade then led to slavery. Conversion of Africans to Christianity began to hinder the slave trade. “It was only with the British awakening to the evil of slave trade that widespread efforts were begun on behalf of Africa” (Rieber, 256). With these efforts came with the establishment of colonies, halting of the slave trade, and missionary work in Africa. These offset the beginning of Blacks in establishing of Christianity in West…show more content…
Reverend Samuel Crowther who was an African, was also sent to Abeokuta and within few years, three churches were established, and Crowther’s own mother was the first to be baptized. They returned because they wanted to belong to the people of their birth. “It does make clear that this migration was one factor in the evangelization of Africa” (Rieber, 260). The evangelization of Africa was the reason for the colonization of Africa. Since the Europeans were unable to survive due to malaria, it provided a place for Blacks in the early days of missions in Africa. The work of evangelism in parts of Africa was due to the indigenous first-generation Christians rather than white missionaries according to

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