Traditional Culture In Malaysia Essay

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Culture is the way of life, customs, beliefs and behavior of society. Malaysia as known as multi-racial country consisiting of Malay, Chinese, Indian and another race. Every race has their own traditional cultures which is passed by their ancestors. In general, there are fourth types of traditional culture in Malaysia which is wedding, visit and tour, birth and death (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first type of traditional cultures in Malaysia is wedding. Wedding is one of the important ways in the lives of all people to continue the lineage of their ancestors. For the Malays prior to a wedding ceremony and engagement should be carried out to seek to be the bride and groom to know oneself, respectively (Zaferi Mohammad Borhan, 2002).…show more content…
Death is also the types of traditional cultures in Malaysia. When one of them died, his/her body is buried almost immediatly. In Islam, it is encouraged to burry the body within six hours of death. According Wan Ramli Wan Muhammad (2010), prior to burial, the body is cleansed by an appointed person; females oversee the bathing of a female body, likewise men will cleanse a male body. The next traditional culture for death is Chinese community. Visitors should not wear colorful clothes while visiting the house of the dead but preferably berwarnamuram like wearing black or gray. When someone enters the house of the deceased, he shall leaned slightly toward the deceased as a sign of respect and when he left the house of the deceased, usually a string of visitors rated red or candy red thread as a sign of thanks for the color red is a symbol of bringing good luck and prevent evil spirits who try to harass and candy can be eaten (Lee, 1965). Next is traditional culture death of Indian community. The dead person must to pass through back doors, first feet, wrapped, new white clothes, to dip in holy water. The corpse placed on the bier bamboo and carried to cremation ground on the way death trough specific door city, as usually the way of South. In cremation ground, the feet of corpse has placed in the water, the water as known Ganga water that mean in that way that person dead is freedom (Michaels,
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