Tourism In Bhutan Essay

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Register to read the introduction…Bhutanese people are working hard to make their life better and in that process our unique and valuable assets are at cost. Every year our country receives an increasing number of tourist, thus, generating more revenue for the country but at the same time it is threatening the sustainability of our traditional values and customs.. The cultural and traditional reliability of the festival is broken when the rituals are altered just to satisfy the tourists (Reinfeld, 2003). Impact of tourism in Bhutanese society are seen in the form ofpeople’s lifestyles, preferences and choices. Tourists visit every sacred, holly and unique places and cultures of a country, in which they might pollute and disturb the sacred places. It has been pointed out by the people during the festivals, for being too crowded out by the Tourists, such factors compel our youths reluctant to witness festivals and it might demotivate them in our tradition and…show more content…
Our country is rapidly developing and the people are getting exposed in different ways such as Television, internet and other forms of social Medias. Mostly youths and other adult citizens prefer western culture, especially songs, dances, dress, and languages. In this process, our traditional values and customs are being ignored due to external pressure. External pressure refers modern life styles and modern habits that compel one to follow being in the urban cities. Thus, it has led Bhutanese people to work harder and buy more things which help ease their lives, losing its traditional values and customs. References Cline, J. S. (2011). Bhutan: Globalization, Democracy, and Uncertainty:The Danger to Traditional Cultural Values and Mores. Retrieved from Culture and Youths of Bhutan. (2010). Retrieved from /culture-and-youth-of-bhutan Mathou, T. (n.d). The Politics of Bhutan: Change in Continuity: Retrieved from Reinfeld, M.A. (2003). Tourism and the Politics of Cultural Preservation: A Case Study of Bhutan. Journal of Public and International Affairs, 14, Trustees of Princeton University. Ura, K. (2009). Journal or Bhutan Studies, Retrieved from

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