Traditional Customs In Bhutan

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Small andisolated nation throughout the centuries had helped immensely to protect and preserve its traditional values and customs, however, it served no more after 1960s when Bhutan opened its door to outside world. Modern trends had dragged our Bhutanese people to work hard to get adapted to modern lifestyles and acquire more things which are generally making one’s life more comfortable but sadly in search of comforting life, traditions and customs are being ignored often. It is agreed that Bhutanese traditional values and customs have been lost because of modernization factors such as Television and Internet, Modern Education and Tourism in Bhutan. One of the key factor for declining of traditional values and customs is the introduction of Televisionand Internet in Bhutan. It was introduced in 1999 and itacted as an activeforce to weaken the status of thecountry’s unique culture. After the advent of television, storytelling to younger generations have been fading away as the youngsters prefer watching Television than to listening to the stories told by their elders. “Television has becomes a major status symbol and dominates the altar room” (Ura, 2009). Cline (2011) observed that current generation Children are well aware about the bugs bunny and superman than traditional characters from folklore.The influence of Television in the society has been strong, that the youths of Bhutan follow exact dressing trends, their attitudes, behaviors and languages copied from Hollywood

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