Pamir Traditional Dance Essay

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Pamir traditional Dance and Music
The traditional music and dance of the Pamir people is very unique. The music is unique in the sense that every single genre or type of song is different and is also expressed in a different way.
1. Lailaik or Dargilik
Lailaik is one of the original forms of traditional repertoire in Pamir. Through this type of song the people of Badakhshan express their complaints about injustice of heaven and destiny, longing for beloved ones, or sorrow. The genre of lailaik is an ancient form of lullaby, which is a slow sentimental song.
2. Maddahkhoni
This style of singing is used to praise Imam Ali and Prophet Muhammad, the kind of style requires a singer and musicians who play the traditional stringed instruments such as rubab (traditional guitar), tambur (traditional guitar) and
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The type of a song can be a solo or it can be accompanied by other instruments such as nay (flute) or any other traditional instruments. Falak is sang on sad occasions, it is actually a sorrowful music whereby the singer is grieving over a mankind who has passed away. Nevertheless, there are also other kinds of Falaks, which may not be exactly for the purpose of grieving for the destiny of a mankind, but rather can also be about other events. Falak can be sang during Navroz for example, or it can be during any special event. There are other falaks such as, piyodafalak, kuhi, dashti, tilomjun and finally bulbulik.
Apart from the different kind of music, there are also different kinds of dances. Dancing is part of almost all the traditional repertoires of Pamirian musicians. The traditional dance consist of more than 80 different types of dances. The different dances are masked dances, camel dance, rapo dance, horse dance, ghijack dance, setor dance, fox dance, chicken dance, eagle dance, daf dances, spoon dances, pantomime dances, funeral dances, mughulbozi, jag dances and many other

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