Traditional Education Vs Online Education

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Even though it is true that there are many differences between traditional education and online education, we should not forget the similarities. One of the most important similarities is that they have the same goal. According to Amelia Turner (2008), an educational article writer for accredited online education programs, both traditional education and online education teaches students the skills they need to succeed in their work in the future. For example, if you work towards a career that requires certification, online schools will also guide you sign up for all exams in order to earn that certification. Some online schools will even help you to find internships (Company Online College, n.d.)
Besides the goal of traditional education and
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However, it is true that some students might work better in a face-to-face course, and some in an online course. The same agencies that accredit traditional schools also accredit online schools. Some particular online courses have also additional accreditations. Many people wonder whether or not the quality of online education is being affected by the medium that is used, as both education systems have a different approach. According to Michelle Rogers-Estable, who is a distance education and instructional technology specialist, the delivery format does not make a difference in the quality of online learning. The quality of a course is not affected by the medium that is used; it is established by the devotion of the teachers and the curriculum (Company Online College,…show more content…
In traditional education, you have to attend classes at a specific time and place. This means that you might be constrained to change your work schedule or, if you are a parent, to hire a babysitter (Company Best Online Universities). In contrast, online education provides a flexible educational opportunity. Students can access their course at anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for them. This means that parents and working students, compared to traditional students, have the option to attend classes whenever it fits them. The only need to be able to take online classes is a computer and access to the Internet. So, students can enroll at a school that is too far to travel for a traditional class. This also allows people with disabilities, handicaps or a sickness to study, despite their position. As an online student, you can fit your studies to your life, rather than fitting your life around your studies (WorldWideLearn

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