Traditional Family Values

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Growing up in the 21st century we have relaxed lifestyles in comparison to the families of yesterday Teens nowadays come from such a abnormality of one parent to the traditional family all they get farther away from the trad families values. I grew up in a far from traditional family with my sister practically another mother to me and living at our apartment part time. Also, going through times of the hardship of one parent with two teens and one toddler at the time. It also helps when your parents were only dating when they had you and that dating being demolished and losing one because they wouldn 't do your visitation. We all come from different style now that prove the Traditional families values and ways are far gone. I will expand on this idea through the aspect of marriage, feminism, and a child aspect. In the traditional family you end up having the same kind of marriage over and over again: but, that has changed drastically. To begin, states “ rise of single moms and dads… decline of two parent household…” ( When this article pointed out “rise of single” prove that it is becoming more and more prominent for families to be raised by a single parent rather than the “ two parent household”. This is easy to relate to though in this situation because I have been in this kind of household before when I was a toddler till when I was six. Therefore, the single household had become a greater effect on the destruction of the
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