The Influence Of Fashion In Morocco

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Morocco is a country Maghreb located in North Africa, which has a population of over 33.8 million. Morocco is famous for its rich culture in different kinds of background in history, religion, climate, geography and fashion. These backgrounds influence the way they dress up in everyday life. As fashion has grown in Morocco, there are some traditional clothing that every Moroccan owns. First is the Djellaba, Djellaba is a long loose dress- like outer robe that can be worn by both women and men. Also, it has a hood which is called as qob that is useful for protecting their skin from the sun since Morocco is located in deserted areas. Qob could also be used in colder climates like the mountains because qob keeps the body warm and protects the…show more content…
In addition, women wore colorful fabrics whereas the men wore neutral colors instead. Djellaba is made out of wool and cotton which also represents a symbolic of their marital status. Next, is also one of the most famous traditional clothing in Morocco called Kaftan. The model is long with wide loose sleeves, fastened in the front with a row of small buttons, button up shirt that extends down towards the knee or ankle and made of fine fabrics and bright color silks. Kaftan is similar to Djellaba, but without the hood attached. Kaftan is influenced by the Turkish origin but is also worn by the Arab, Morocco to India. Kaftan is mostly worn by women in Morocco but in the past, it used to be special for men and it has witnessed many changes of Kaftan in order to make it more modern. As Morocco’s population are mostly Muslims, their clothing is influenced by their beliefs which most of the

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