Traditional Media And New Media

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Mass media today is separated into two types , traditional media and new media. Mass media reaches out to large audiences. In mass media today , new media is used more often
New media dominating the market, traditional media suffering losses . Print like newspaper and magazine, records CD, books, DVD, television and radio has been over taken by Citizen Journalism, online magazines, e-books , online streaming , making one’s own playlist or streaming DJs. New media has cut costs for production but it has also impacted many artists, record companies, Dvd and music retailers, authors , press companies and broadcasting stations negatively. It has harmed their revenue from traditional methods and forced them to adapt to the internet to survive in the entertainment industry.
Traditional media
Print and Books

Newspaper has been affected heavily. The presence of new media and the Internet in particular, has posed a challenge to conventional media, especially the printed newspaper. It has been concluded that the newspaper industry in the U.S is having such a hard time that can be a financial crisis. (Salman,Ibrahim,Abdullah,Mustaffa and Mahbob 2011)
This leads to U.S Newspapers seeking help from their government. They were allowed to recoup taxes on profits they paid on profits earlier this decade to help offset some of their current losses. This is what they put forward to the Joint Committee of Congress. (Mahmud.2009)
With declining sales and production, newspapers
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