Traditional Media And New Media

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Media is a very commonly used type of mass communication. There are 2 types of media, Traditional Media and New media. Traditional media encompasses things such as newspapers, books, magazines and more and has been dated back to a time as far back as 3100BC when Sumerians had just begun to write on clay tablets. New media includes things such as search engines, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is more of a new occurrence, emerging between the 1970s to 2000s. I believe that Media does shape who we are to a very large extent because of its ability to emphasize societal expectations in terms of appearance and widely used gender stereotypes. It also brings the world closer together, but at a price, creating instances of loss of culture. However, while the media does have a huge influence in shaping who we are, there are still other strong (and possibly slightly stronger) influences such as family and friends’ viewpoints. Firstly, the media has the ability to give emphasis on the societies’ expectations of appearance. There are numerous advertisements depicting specific “ideals” of beauty. This “ideal” is then sought after many woman, men, and children alike, the extremes causing problems such as eating disorders. For example, “body types” portrayed in American advertisements are only possessed naturally by 5% of American females. The average height and weight of an American model is 5’11” and 117 pounds whereas the average American female’s height and weight is approximately
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