Traditional Media Vs New Media

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1.0 Introduction In the older days, when the mode of transportation are few and not developed, information are hard to reach the people especially for those staying rural areas. At that time, old media played the role of conveying the information and news to the public to keep members of the public informed. People including our parents acquired information and news of the outside world from old media. “Old media or sometimes referred to as traditional media, is defined as the media in existence before the arrival of the internet, such as newspapers, books, television, and cinema” (Collins, 2016). But recently, with the development of Information Technology (IT), new media started to gain a foothold and occupied a more prominent role in the information industry, and it looks like the new media is slowly taking over the traditional media, to the extent of replacing it. Although old media are still effective, more and more people are switching to new media to meet their satisfaction. “New media is the products and services that provide information or entertainment using computers or the internet, and not by traditional methods such as television and newspapers” (Cambridge University Press, 2016). By using new media, people can easily access to different sources of digital media such as online newspapers, websites, blogs and social media. The development of new media also creates more job opportunities and hence enhance the economy. Although new media bring benefits to

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