The Influence Of Social Media On Christian Life

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The Internet is making the world a very small place. Compared to earlier times, it is so easy to connect with people around the globe and Social Media has made it easy for anyone to reach across and for other people to find you. Be it young or old, going online to connect and interact with others is now a natural and integral part of daily life. As being online is a part of our life to lead a responsible Christian life, we need to know how to use the Social Media in a way that we demonstrate our faith, values and be a positive influence to other people.
In April 2015, Facebook as part of its financial results announced that 1.44 billion people are on Facebook which makes Facebook the largest country in the world if Facebook was a country (ahead
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Well, Social networking is the use of internet-based social media programs to make connections with family, classmates, friends and other fellow human beings. Social networking can be done for social purposes, business purposes or both. Social media depend on mobile and web-based technologies that create highly interactive platforms for communication between businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals. It differs a lot from the traditional media, in many ways including frequency, reach, immediacy, usability and permanence. Also while traditional media is one to many communications with no interactivity build in, in social media interactivity is built in, sometimes instantly so that it becomes a conversation, discussion or collaboration – which creates far more opportunities for its users to create and share user generated content. Also, Social Media is such that the maturity of the users and how one uses it could make it beneficial or detrimental to one’s growth, development and character…show more content…
We all sometimes, share information about others without verifying the facts. As responsible Christians we should show empathy and recognize other people as human beings and hence do not hurt your neighbor or accuse him of something through online media. Social Media has become the new monstrous tongues that amplify the extent of damage one can do to family, friendships and relationships if one does not use thir tongue properly. Before you post/comment/share something, be sure that you believe in that and you are ok that being part of your digital diary for eternity.
In summary Social media comes with lots of responsibility. Assume that EVERYONE has access to your profile and let your intentions be pure as you use technology to connect, share, collaborate and learn the true Christian way.
• Practice positivity
• Be authentic, there is no anonymity on the web
• Verify friend requests- accept only those whom you know personally, verify links, attachments or anything that is sent to you
• Post illegal activities or post objectionable content or post confidential information
• Believe everything you read
• Upload anything that you wouldn’t want others to

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