Traditional Planning Vs Strategic Planning

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An efficient strategic approach needs a smart plan to achieve a particular goal. A scintillating plan helps to deal with unpredicted circumstances and facilitates the decision-making process. It also develops an ability to manage the present and future activities in favourable and unfavourable situations whether it is a business or war. Over decays, much effort made to develop various strategic approaches one of which is rational planning. It is always a prominent method in the history of strategy. However, it is hard to plan the future with precision and accuracy. It requires much analysis and creative skills. So it is important that the plan should base on relevant facts and figures. Such rationality in composing of the plan
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However, some industrial practitioners consider strategy as a war between competitors to take competitive advantage in the dynamic market environment. We will also try to understand the limitation of strategic planning approach by comparing with some other schools of thoughts in the field of strategy. Therefore, first it is essential to understand the semantic issue of traditional and strategic planning.
Strategic and Traditional Planning
The strategic and traditional planning approaches generate significant values that would require for getting success in the field of business or war. There are different views about strategic and conventional planning.
Some scholars interpret strategy as a tool to define long or short-term plans. Others take strategic planning as a contrasting approach to traditional planning. Kaufman and Jacob (1987) agreed that strategic planning is only a way of combining various traditional plans that already in
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After a proper investigation, it is possible to create options and take decisions to develop the resources, capabilities, and strategy. Organizations have their culture and behaviour that has an impact on its structure. Organization structure shows its tendency of flexibility to adopt an approach. It reminds the famous phrase of Chandler (1962) that strategy follows the structure. Denhardt (1985) argued that strategic planning construction at the organizational level, which requires attention and coordination among organizational resources at various levels. Thus, it is important that someone should have the responsibility of designing the strategy, which is another stage of the strategic
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