Traditional Recruitment Advantages And Disadvantages

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Recruitment is indeed the heart of most organizations which includes all practices and activities carried out for the sole purpose of attracting qualified and potential candidates into work forces. It is a very important part of HRM as it performs a major task of attracting potential human assets into organizations (Barber, 1998). The human resource department of companies are the ones directly in charge of these processes of recruitment ranging from advert placement to recruitment test even till final appointment. There are indeed so many ways available for recruitment such as: recruitment agencies, newspaper adverts etc. All these put together are classified as traditional methods of recruitment.
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Some of them are listed below:
1. Shorter recruiting cycle time.
2. It attracts passive job-seekers.
3. Constant global coverage is available.
4. There is an opportunity to target a specific audience or niche.
5. A wider range of applicants are being reached.
6. Better quality of response.
7. It is cost effective.
8. It is easier to apply for jobs.
9. Reduction of unqualified candidates.
1. There would be a separation between the known internet users and those who are not internet users.
2. Heterogeneous impact on ethnic minorities group leading to limited demographic scope.
3. Proves more effective for the companies already known.
4. Internet adverts may encourage clearly unqualified jobseekers to apply
5. the nature of the Internet is that applications may arrive from geographic areas that are unrealistically far away
6. more applicants are usually better than fewer when it comes to recruiting, and more companies are using their computers to scan, digitize and process applicants resumes

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