Traditional School Vs Year Round School Essay

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Traditional school schedules have kids in school from late summer until late spring, the year-round schedule has kids in school all year but the difference is there are longer breaks in the year-round schedule. It is time to switch from the traditional schedule to the year-round schedule because students learn better and don’t lose information over a long summer break, is more convenient for everyone and reduces the stress of school and makes it more enjoyable. To begin students under the current school schedule where there is one long break in the summer are more vulnerable to losing the information they have learned the past year. Summer break causes students to forget material that they have learned which causes problems because it wastes…show more content…
Breaks like these give student and teachers much needed time to blow off the anger built up inside of them. The environment of schools with year-round schedules is much better because of it since students don’t have that anger built up inside of them and teachers are not frustrated at the students as much, “ Teachers who work for year-long schools say that it gives them a break when they are on the verge of a meltdown.” (Long). It also lowers the amount of students who get in trouble at school, "I haven 't had one student sent to the office all week. And I know why. We 've just had two weeks off, everyone is refreshed, remotivated and their fire has been rekindled." ( Barton). Most importantly students, teachers and administration form a better relationship when all these factors are put together. Although most kids are used to traditional school schedules, year-round school will benefit them more. They will need the benefits from year-round school to be successful in life. Imagine the world once kids are able to learn more easily and while having a less stressful
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