Traditional Sports Vs E Sports Essay

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Traditional sports and E-Sports are both popular in the world today and they can be looked at in very similar, as well as different ways where it is getting harder to tell which is more popular. As technology has advanced over many years, so too has the graphics and the video game systems. Thirty years ago, there was the Atari, with a controller with one stick and one button. In today’s time, the Xbox-1 and other similar systems may have two sticks, and 15-20 buttons on the controller. Professional sports such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey and auto racing captured people’s attention for years. Now, some of these are fading and a new generation is moving into the world of E-Sports. One similarity between the two sports is hand-eye coordination. Athletes need to be quick and able to react to the ball or the puck, whichever is the case. It is critical for a baseball player to hit a 95 mile per hour baseball coming in from 60 feet, 6 inches. The standard reaction time to determine whether to swing or not is approximately 0.3 seconds. In comparison, video games require the same level of coordination. You are watching the screen, and your hands are doing the work in conjunction, the same as any traditional sport. Like traditional sports, E-Sports has a dark side as well. When it comes to money and fame, also comes temptation. As
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