Traditional Traditions In Bhutan

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The decline of traditional values and customs are a common perception in modern Bhutan. Rapid modernisation and development of the nation since 1960s has affected Bhutanese people in maintaining the unique traditions and culture, which are main components in defining the sovereignty and identity of the nation. If one compares the lost of traditional values in urban and rural areas, most people will agree that in urban centres such adversities are greater due to social and economical reasons. The essay will attempt to describe and analyze the situation that the standard of life in urban areas is better than before, unfortunately, most of the traditional values and customs where ladders have been lost or practiced less often due to the influence of western styles in terms of modern technologies, dresses, languages, religions including the music and games. (137 words) The core change that modernisation and development has brought to Bhutan is the improvement of the overall quality of life for the people. For instance, the introduction of a free education system, free health system, road network, telecommunication and internet has had major impacts on most of the lives of the Bhutanese (Collins, 2012). The citizens should be thankful to their government for making such modern facilities available to adjust their lives more comfortably. For example, if someone falls sick, he or she can easily receive free medical treatment in the hospital as a result of government’s intervention
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