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In the Arab countries most of the weddings are traditional weddings. The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of these countries. There are several of steps and procedures they do in order to proceed in the weddings. Firstly there must me an arrangement between the bride and groom and their families, secondly before the engagement party usually there’s a Henna celebration where the bride’s hands are decorated with Henna and it is considered an optional celebration. At the end they will commence in the final engagement party and the wedding could take place after months or years and many they just go for a honey moon it would depends on the couples. There are many differences between the traditional weddings and the modern weddings.
In Traditional weddings
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“While it was traditional for girls to be marries at twelve or thirteen years of age, they now tend to wait until they have finished their education and have a job.” (, 2015). In the modern weddings the bride and grooms meet each other before the family knows them, after the groom sends his family to the bride’s family to propose to her. “Although arranged marriages are common, the bride and groom now often have a chance to meet before marriage” (, 2015).The second step is to do the medical check for the marriage. But the Mahar is different from the traditional it is much more expensive and higher. “it is about the food and the gathering, a competition in which the family strives to accommodate the needs of guests, to feed and entertain them” (sour Cherry, 2015). Dazah in the modern wedding the groom family send money to the bride’s family in order to provide them with the food items in contras with the traditional where they send the food items. Al Farsha in the modern wedding is not used, the groom and bride after the wedding they go to a hotel and spend the night there. The morning present is similar to the traditional were the groom provide a present or money to the bride. In the modern wedding the groom takes the bride to a honeymoon. There are many pros and cons about

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