Traditional Weddings In India

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India is home to one billion people, a country rich in diversity. Hindu weddings are of the most common weddings being held in India, with customs varying depending on the geographical location. The level of involvement of the families around the whole wedding is so profound that they typically decide the bride and groom. (Gullapali & Sagi, 2009) Until a few decades ago the bride and groom would be chosen by their families through word of mouth or marriage priests, but trends have changes in urban areas, with individuals having a better say in who they choose to marry. Arranged marriages are still the norm in parts of India outside urban areas (Gullapali & Sagi, 2009). Months before the actual wedding an engagement ceremony is held where the two families meet to make the engagement official through various rituals. The date and time of the wedding is decided based on horoscopes, the couple is then blessed by elders of both families and is given gifts such as jewelry and clothing by their new families. This ceremonies and the pre-wedding ceremonies that follow is a key practice for the bond of two families and the bride and groom to be strengthened and is seen as a great opportunity for the families to get to know each other. Traditional Indian weddings last a week, starting at the pre-wedding ceremonies. In the beginning of the ceremony a ritual holy bath named Haldi is performed, where turmeric, oil and water is applied to the bride and groom by married women. This is

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